Life Is like a Box of Chocolate. You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

Ever been through that stage when your studies couldn’t lift you high enough and you end up with limited options in life? Well..that’s life here as a Singaporean. I am not a high flyer nor a straight A student in school. I am just a mediocre student.

Did I have too much fun in school? No, I studied as hard as any other student but my grades just couldn’t make it to the top . I remember being in primary 1 (grade 1) and I couldn’t even spell my own name. I had to depend on my name badge to transfer my name to my homework assignment. My dad had to painstakingly record his voice to the cassette recorder to help me with my spelling in school. I thought I was never going to make it, so did my parents till primary 3 (grade 3 was the breakthrough). Surprisingly I did not end up in the lower stream, rather the normal stream.

Many whom I have come across in life thought my English is good, surprise surprise, I just got a “pass” in my O level Cambridge examination. It is all those years of continued interest in reading that improved my English. I admit, I’m ain’t book smart, but years of living on this earth has helped me discovered what I am or could be good at (come on, no one’s perfect). I do not wish to make claims of what I am but mostly they are from what others feedback as well as what I feel about myself.

To account for the shortfall of the not so smart brain, I try to read more. I love the feel of having books around me! I often go to the library, borrow titles that interest me. My affinity with library is so great that I even worked for the library for a few years.

Lol…lost track a bit, back to my strengths. Mostly people likes to share with me their life, I appreciate their confidence in confiding me. In addition, I enjoy listening to their problems. Perhaps all these comes from being an initiator and observer in understanding others first before making the judgement call. Fortunately I am proud to say that it wasn’t my academic results that got me to propelling further in my career and relationship with others rather it is the “attitude” and “values” that I hold in life. I am currently happy in the career of Human Resource where I get to put my strength to the best use but deep inside I know I can do more. When I was young those dreams of doing something great for humanity still holds. If possible, I would like to set up a social enterprise or contribute to a social cause. In order to keep myself an active contributor and learner in life, I volunteer and I am also a member of Toastmasters club (easily one of the best club in helping me to improve my confidence in public speaking).

In my posts, I am going to share with you what are the general observations that I have encountered in my life. My fiancé, my best buddy, partner in crime, the smart brain (haha..all names) has influenced my perspective about life. He has many ideas about finance. Many times I find his ideas very worthwhile to share. Therefore, I could be including posts with his voice and perspective.

This is my first post, I ain’t expecting anyone to be reading. If you are reading and you like what you read; you may just leave a thumbs up to offer some encouragement and motivation for me to post more. Thanks for dropping by my blog post and I promise to be sharing more!


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