Make Lemonade Out of Lemons

Nowadays I seem to come across news articles stating “times are bad, business is dipping…certain industries are in crisis“.

“With jobseekers outnumbering job vacancies for the first time in four years and the economy facing global headwinds”

Published in The Straits Times , 8 October 2016

To be honest, it got me feeling a little tippy about what’s happening around the world. With the rate of how things go, a perfectly fine person would somehow be affected by the negative news going around, especially when almost everywhere you go and that you hear people talking about it and it being published in news.

I am not writing this in the comforts of holding onto a permanent full time job, in fact, I am one of those many who are looking for employment opportunities. But my plan is different. I will come back to that in a moment. Therefore, if you are unemployed, I understand you.

Many might symphatize my situation. But to be honest, I don’t, in fact, I am enjoying this period of exploring things and doing what I have been neglecting all these while for example:

  1. Finding time to do WordPress (duh)
  2. Catching up with other important things like finding right insurance for myself, family members, settling my finances.
  3. Do my favourite reading
  4. Sitting around just observing people walking by (makes me wonder about what happens in those people’s lives). I wouldn’t find the time in doing that if I were to be working because time is “precious” when you are working, isn’t it?
  5. Catching up and spending time with loved ones (this is so so true!)

On the contrary to feeling depressed, I feel more optimistic of the future. Even if it is a bit ‘suffering’ at the moment seeing my bank $$ dropping, it can only prompt me to working harder in finding opportunities because had I continued to be in job, I would be ‘complacent’ and wasted my life away with routine.

So now, back to the part on my plan…I am now in my search, not for ‘a job‘ of course. But for ‘multiple income streams‘. This is prompted by the change in the employment economy, we know that contractual and assignment based projects are getting more common nowadays. I take it to mean that we don’t really have much of job security, just depending on ‘1 job – 1 income stream’. Therefore by having multiple income streams helps in cushioning the impact if we ever have lost our job, we have other incomes to support us.

Please to do be mistaken that this is just the only way. It is what’s comfortable for me and it meets my life goal. To some, it could be for the CEO/Director chair, to me I just want to spend time with loved ones and have my children grown up with right values in life; not spoilt by parents with expensive toys just cause the parents feel bad in not having enough time to spend with child therefore replaced it with material gratification.

To sum it all up of the above…even if the situation turns bad, make good of what we have and most importantly, see it in a positive light create lemonade out of lemons! Even if life gives u lemons (sour), learn to make it into a wonderful cup of concoction. We had faced so many crisis in history but the ones who survived were the ones with positive mind and take on a different action! As a Chinese proverb saying goes:

When the winds of change blows, some built walls while others built windmills

And finally, know what you want in life. This is only with true understanding ourselves, our life goals.


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