Uniquely You

“Which underwear design would you prefer?” 

This was the question I have brought up to my girlfriends as were all giving cheeky glances at the good looking torso mannequins in one of our recent shopping trip.

It’s funny what are the possible things that women can discuss among themselves. Much akin to Donald Trump’s recent sensational news revelation of the “locker room talk” that got me to linking back the conversation I had with my girlfriends.

The question was just an innocent passing remark ^^. I wasn’t expecting my girlfriends to be so spontaneous with sharing with me their thoughts. 

Question: “Which underwear design would you prefer?” 

Answers from each individual girlfriends:

Quiet and shy friend – Chose red colour men’s underwear. She chose it cause it reflects passion and romance

Quirky (loves goth) and introverted friend – Chose polka dot men’s underwear cause she finds the design unique.

Active and extroverted friend – Chose blue colour men’s underwear cause it is a safe colour

Me – black colour (lol…u may make a guess why) 

Noticed something? Most of them (except for the quirky friend ) has selected a design that doesn’t represent much of their own personality presented to the outside world e.g for the outgoing friend to be picking a “safe blue colour”. Their selection subtly hinted their inner desires which are not so obvious to most people. Would it be due to the inner desire to look for a better counterpart who can compliment their own personality; whereby opposites attract? 

Also, beauty is relative. My girl friends each has chosen something which is attractive to them but not to me nor to the others. Polka dot underwear for my man? Don’t make me start laughing…just isn’t my kind of thing. Even so, beauty is just an example as there are many other things where standard is relative to an individual/situation. 

Therefore, food for thought, while we individually have our own personal standards/expectations, could we be imposing our own expectations on others or vice versa? I shall leave it ending here. If you’ve comment, I’ll be delighted to hear from you 🙂 


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