Discover Challenge: Sounds of Influence

Music influences our mood and at the same time it emplifies our inner world (feelings, emotions, moods) which we sometimes find it hard to express with words.

Today, I have decided to take up the Discover Challenge: Share About a Piece of Music that has Stayed with You. Reading through some of the post shared by other bloggers has helped me discover many music pieces that are uncommon; not of the mainstream. At the same time it reminds me of those times during my school days around early 2000s when I will go to this music shop, walk around, select CDs that have interesting covers/ titles, scan the barcode to listen a sample of the music pieces. Sure, nowadays there are more options available, we have Spotify where you can browse through music and Youtube  where you’ll not just have the music but the visuals that comes along with it. Nevertheless, I must say that my best music exploration days had been my younger teenage days.

During those teenage days, I had been proud of my unique selection of music which many of my friends would describe them as uncommon. Maybe because they are uncommon, it makes one feel that it should be treasured and speaks better of you than any other common pieces. So here are the songs that represents me:

  1. Pale: By Within Temptation 

I had a very loved one whom I knew doesn’t have much time left on this earth. I know she wanted to be strong for all of us, leave behind this world not having much regrets still. This song is a reminder of her inner emotions and thoughts which she couldn’t bring herself to speak , yet, it is also a reminder to me to treasure life; for me to salvage what’s left, the little time we had together before the angels took her away.

The band that produced this song is an Dutch group. Usually their influence do not reach out this far and wide, especially to this sunny island Singapore. Their music evolved a lot over time, from Nature to Celtic to Dark music and now Rock with some futuristic intonation. It somehow feels like the evolution of mankind with our environment. I am glad to have discovered them.

2. Deliverance: By Yanni

No words can be found in this music piece yet it has this energy that is about to explode in my head. Wordless music pieces opens a world of interpretations unique to individual listeners. In this music piece, I have imagined a vibrant culture, full of history, full of life and mystic. Yes, many cultures can fit to this category and India is one of it and that is why it was fitting for this concert performed in India’s Taj Mahal. It’s like I’ve been to India without having stepped on the soils of India. Hurr…I want to go there one day!

Yanni is a Greek composer, keyboardist, pianist and music producer. His music pieces are a blend of jazz, classical, soft rock and world music. Those are just quick introductions of him but what made him so so unique is the thought behind those music pieces; whether it is a reflection of our emotions, culture, it hits us with an impact. BAM! He could be describing his values, his love, nature etc they cannot be felt, not as much as hearing from his composed music pieces. Another aspect I like about most of his performances are that it has this harmony, when you see the great artists that he has gathered, each of their parts (from the singers, to the flutist, to the violinist) have an opportunity to stand out yet they blend so well with the others with the faces that shows you they really enjoy what they do….Harmony.

I was introduced to Yanni’s music by a friend. This friend lent me Yanni’s CD, in exchange for one of my favourite band’s CD. For some reason I did not continue to make contact with this friend. His CD is still kept well with me and Yanni’s imprint is definitely with me. I hope my CD is still kept well with him.

Sum Up

Though I would have more songs to share, these 2 would be my shortlisted songs and artist that comes to mind when a friend asks me for recommendation. The inner me still likes to explore new music. If you have songs that have great impact in your life and would like to share, please share with us in the comment section; will be happy to hear from you. 🙂

This is a response to the DailyPost Discover Challenge: Song


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